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Are you interested in learning a simple, effective and devastating self defence system? Or perhaps you are interested in improving your health, fitness, flexibility and strength while training in a fun, friendly and safe environment? Then Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu may be the activity you are looking for!

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Simple, Scientific and Effective Self Defence

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    Mental Toughness or “Resiliency” is an important attribute for all individuals in todays fast paced and stressful lives.  Ever wondered how elite athletes and specialist military training units build Mental Resiliency?  The Mental Resiliency Training  undertaken by elite athletes,  military and high end personnel is grounded in the secrets founded in Kung Fu from...
  2. New & Exciting Classes in 2016!

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    Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more……we go another gear up in 2016!  New Kung Fu 4 Kids classes, day time classes,  ”Specialist Classes” for adults including wooden dummy, ground fighting, weapons, grappling and how this is all applied in Wing Chun.  So get ready for a massive year!
  3. 2016 Kung Fu 4 Kids Holiday Program

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    Kung Fu 4 Kids (6 to 12 years) - HOLIDAY PROGRAM 2016 18th Jan – 27th Jan 2016,  Mon/Tues/Wed 5:00pm – 5:45pm   Little Dragons Holiday Class will be on:  Tuesday 19th Jan and Tuesday 26th Jan 4:30 – 5:00pm   We hope to see you there : )

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